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ASV | Matthew 20:25 - 20:26

25But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them.

26Not so shall it be among you: but whosoever would become great among you shall be your minister; full context

ASV | John 13:5 - 13:7

5Then he poureth water into the basin, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded.

6So he cometh to Simon Peter. He saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet?

7Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt understand hereafter. full context

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Leadership naturally flows out of love for people.  A "leader" who doesn't genuinely love people is not a leader, he's satan.  Out of the love for people comes the earnest desire to serve them.  Out of genuine service people will have the natural desire to follow.  A great leader is someone who loves and serves others greatly.

ASV | Judges 7:2 - 7:3, 7:5, 7:7, 7:9

2And Jehovah said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hand, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me.

3Now therefore proclaim in the ears of the people, saying, Whosoever is fearful and trembling, let him return and depart from mount Gilead. And there returned of the people twenty and two thousand; and there remained ten thousand.

5So he brought down the people unto the water: and Jehovah said unto Gideon, Every one that lappeth of the water with his tongue, as a dog lappeth, him shalt thou set by himself; likewise every one that boweth down upon his knees to drink.

7And Jehovah said unto Gideon, By the three hundred men that lapped will I save you, and deliver the Midianites into thy hand; and let all the people go every man unto his place.

9And it came to pass the same night, that Jehovah said unto him, Arise, get thee down into the camp; for I have delivered it into thy hand. full context

ASV | Joshua 5:13 - 5:14

13And it came to pass, when Joshua was by Jericho, that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, behold, there stood a man over against him with his sword drawn in his hand: and Joshua went unto him, and said unto him, Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?

14And he said, Nay; but `as' prince of the host of Jehovah am I now come. And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and did worship, and said unto him, What saith my lord unto his servant? full context

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A great leader is a great follower.  All victories are won by God.  God is always on the side of love, truth and righteousness. 

Love of God and a submissive spirit to follow the Lord is what creates a great leader.

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